Introducing Select a Story's first interactive story:



This book is different from others.

With Select a Story, YOU get to select what happens next.

Would you rather be Cinderella or Prince Charming?

As Cinderella, you can wait around hoping someday your prince will come or take the matter of your evil stepfamily into your own hands. 

As Prince Charming, you can accept your father's wacky plan to find you a wife or go on a dangerous quest to find a dragon's egg.

There are dozens of endings to discover. Some bring you love and riches, others result in your painful death, with plenty of outcomes in between.

Now available on all Alexa-enabled devices ("Alexa, Open Select a Story"), Google Home ("Okay Google, Talk to Select a Story"), and as a print and ebook.

Many additional titles coming in 2018. Stay tuned...